Monday, March 25, 2013

The deal's off (for today)

I love writing about my kids. My kids, however, don’t always love being written about. A few years ago, Amy and I made a deal – I would only write about her on my blog AFTER receiving permission to write about her on my blog. I wasn’t wild about the agreement, but it seemed like a way to honor her and still occasionally include her in my writing. Today, though, the deal is out the window and I’m pretty certain there’s no way Amy will be able to complain. Not after this story. Welcome to Payback City.

Last week, Amy drove a friend home from play practice, and from there, she headed to a science fair she had an exhibit in. I had to stay at rehearsal, but Sean and Rebecca met Amy at the fair to see her fascinating display of which plastics contain carbonation best. (Gearing up for the science fair is not a period of family togetherness that I will remember with fondness...) While I was still at play practice, I received a text from the friend Amy drove home which included this picture:

The text, from the friend who will remain nameless (for now), implied that Amy had knocked over the sign. I immediately texted Sean to see if Amy mentioned the accident to him. No mention of an accident. He checked out her car and didn’t see any signs of damage. How could she have plowed over a street sign and not dented her car?

I texted Sean the picture who showed it to Amy, who cracked up.

Neither Sean nor I found any humor in this moment.

Apparently, Amy and Friend saw the already-downed street sign and thought it would be funny to take a picture that made it appear they had knocked over the sign. And that it would be even funnier to have Friend send me the picture with absolutely no stinkin’ explanation other than, “Sooo maybe I just got the nerve to send you this, but what if two special people were responsible…”

Once the picture was explained, we got the joke. And the more time has passed, the more we've laughed - we do have good senses of humor after all. But initally - not so much.

Those two “special people” are really, really lucky that I love them as much as I do. Otherwise one of those “special people” would not have her keys any more.

I do love you guys - But be warned that if y'all pull more stunts like this, they're going on the blog. And Friend, you will be named!