Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Back from the beach

Ha ha – see what I did with that title? Made you think I’d gone someplace warm and sunny. No, I stayed here last week to enjoy the rainy, snowy, 30 degree weather that Michigan calls April. But I am back from the beach that the Pirates of Penzance landed on. We closed the curtain on another fabulous Homeschool Performing Arts production. And it was so, so good.

I must be totally honest and say I didn't get the show for the entire year. I just didn't get it. I thought the music was dumb and I couldn’t figure out the words… bottom line was it just didn't click for me. Until five days before opening night. When I figured out it was a comedy. And all of a sudden, I got it. The pirates won’t attack anyone who says they are orphans. The major general cons them by saying he’s an orphan. The police are like the Keystone Cops and don’t really want to take care of the pirates. And in the end, the pirates are deemed noble men who have gone wrong, so the major general grants his blessing to have his daughters married to the pirates.

Sure wish I’d figured that out in September.

I’m still not a huge fan of all the singing – can’t someone just tell me the line instead of singing it?! – but I must admit, I did end up liking the show. Our kids did a great job and the directors outdid themselves. Really, really fabulous.

Pretty sure I wouldn’t choose to go see the musical again, but at least I ended up with an appreciation of it. Of course, it helped that I had the cutest policeman and most adorable orchestra conductor in the mix.
Amy with her 'stache.

Top row - some of the great people I work with all year. Other rows - some of the great kids I work with. Love them bunches!

It was a family affair again. This time, Michael ushered several shows. 

Policemen (and three women).

Some pirates.

Rebecca and her buddy Carly were my support staff. (Sorry it's such a bad picture, ladies!)

At one point, the whole cast wore these blue mustaches to surprise me - it worked!

Love that conductor!

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