Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Blog titles and crazy kids

Still toying with the idea of starting a parenting blog. Pretty sure I’m going to take the plunge; I think I’ve got the design down, but am still working on a fun name and tagline that will capture what I’m doing. I asked Amy to brainstorm with me. “Remember,” I said, “in brainstorming, there’s no right or wrong, so just spit out anything that comes to mind.”

Famous last words.

Amy’s first offering: “Don’t You Want Kids Like Mine?!”

Okay, maybe there is a right and wrong in brainstorming.

Once we got past her first idea, I furiously wrote down a bunch of thoughts and ideas. I don’t have the neatest handwriting on a good day; when I’m writing fast it can be downright illegible. I was still scribbling down ideas when Amy decided to start reading them out loud. 

“Tales from a Power Lord? Mom, what are you talking about?!”

“It says Parenthood not Power Lord!” I said, incredulous that she could think I’d suggest such a title.

“Well, you talk a lot about parents being in charge so I figured you were taking it to the next level.”

“But I’m not taking it to that level. That’s insane!”

“You never know with you, Mom.”

That kid.

Definitely not going with Tales from a Power Lord. But I’m starting to like Amy’s first title. Because that episode reminded me that my kids are pretty great. Crazy, but great.