Monday, July 08, 2013

Prayers for the Jamaica Team

I said, “Let’s get a picture of all of us!”

Michael said, “So in case Rebecca and I don’t make it back, you have something to remember us by.”

And that was nearly the last thing Michael said to me as the church van he and Rebecca were in pulled away from the parking lot.

He has a gift with words, doesn’t he?

Michael, Rebecca and 13 others from our church are in Jamaica for the week on a service trip. Because of her age, Rebecca had to have an adult chaperone. That’s where Michael comes in. He’s serving as Rebecca’s guardian. Definitely a technicality, as I’m sure she’ll keep him in line.

The team will be doing some light construction and leading a vacation Bible school program for a local church. (Imagine packing everything you need for VBS for 120 kids – all kinds of craft supplies, staplers, glue sticks, construction paper, yarn, index cards – the two moms who got it all together are heroes!)

If the team crosses your mind, I’d certainly appreciate your prayers on their behalf. The VBS starts today, and runs through Friday. There has been some confusion as to the roles and responsibilities of the team – anyone’s who’s gone on a service trip knows that’s wont to happen – so prayers that all those uncertainties could be worked out would be great. We’re also praying for that the love of Jesus would be evident as the team works and serves together, and that they would see the Lord work through their work.

And because I’m a mom, I’m praying a lot for their safety in Jamaica and safety for the flight home. God already granted them safe travel to the island, and for that I am beyond grateful.

(I can’t help but think of the moms of those two teenagers who were killed in the plane crash in California this weekend. I’m praying for them: that if they know Jesus that His comfort will be felt and if they don’t know Jesus that this could be an entry point to the faith.)

So as you’re going about your business this week and you think about the team, please join me in praying for them. And maybe, when they return, Lord willing, you could let Michael know that simply saying, “I love you, Mom,” would have been more appropriate parting words.

The infamous picture.