Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thoughts on far-flung children and their texts

What a week. Rebecca and Michael were in Jamaica with a group from our church, and Amy and I were busy getting the last-minute items she needed for her trip to China. Amy left Thursday, Michael and Rebecca returned Saturday evening and Rebecca leaves again today for camp. They’re coming and going like crazy around here.

Cell phones truly are amazing things. Amy texted us when she landed in China:

Aren't those sweet texts? Yes, yes they are. (Flower is the child she'll be teamed up with this week - the same little girl she was with last year.)

Michael and Rebecca texted me from Jamaica. It was not so sweet. They, apparently, didn’t realize a mom’s mind can run wild between an exclamation mark and the next capital letter:

It's like they thought they could pull out the, "Let's disarm her with talk of Amy Grant, then go in for the kill."

Also, I didn't really want to include the smiley face. Force of habit.

As happy as I am for the adventures they're having and the ways they're serving and seeing God move in their lives and the lives of those around them, I will be very hapy when June 29 rolls around when all my little people are all under one roof.

For a while, anyway.

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