Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Here we go again

We are taking Michael back to college today for his sophomore year. And all I want to know is where did summer go?

Last August, I bawled my way through the month as the first day of Michael’s first year of college rapidly approached. This August I was doing much better until this week. I had pushed his inevitable return to college to the back of my mind; I thoroughly enjoyed having him around this summer and somehow convinced myself that August 14 would never come. But last week’s runs to Walmart and Target to stock up on school supplies and snacks knocked some much-needed reality my way and the tears kicked back in.

I think my tear ducts are gearing up in earnest because not only am I taking Michael back to college, I’m preparing for Amy’s senior year of high school. And next year I’ll be taking two children to college? What the heck? Nobody warns you about this when you take your babies home from the hospital. Seriously, there should be one labor and delivery nurse who tells all new parents that, believe it or not, that one day that precious bundle of joy is going to be gone. “And one more thing, Mrs. Duffy: for 18 years, you are going to love these babies like crazy. And then they are going to leave you. Have a nice day!”

I’m fairly certain my family is concerned for my mental well-being this year. I’m a little concerned, too. Because not only is Michael leaving (again!), but Amy is preparing to leave AND the musical the performing arts company we work with is doing the most depressing show known to mankind: Titanic, the Musical. We did The Wizard of Oz for Michael’s senior year and I was a blubbering fool then. I can only imagine how I’m going to handle Amy’s senior year AND the drowning deaths of all those poor souls looking forward to a new life in America…

So tomorrow, as we’re hauling all Michael's stuff to school, I will be remembering what a fun, albeit short, summer we had. And I’m sure I’ll still be wondering where the last three months went. And for that matter, I’ll be wondering what happened to the last 19 years.