Thursday, September 19, 2013

Here's to 7,670 days more

On paper, Sean and I should never have hit it off. He’s wicked-smart, organized, quiet, methodical, musically talented. I’m pretty much none of those things: I’m emotional, my idea of organization involves piling stuff up all around the kitchen, and my musical ability is limited to picking the best playlist on my iPod (which, I have to say, is a good talent to have). But here we are, 25 years after that first date, celebrating our 21st anniversary.  

We’ve had four houses, three kids, and I have no idea how many cars. I’ve been to more car shows than I can count, and Sean’s attended more Amy Grant concerts than he cares to count. I’ve come to appreciate, nay, enjoy musical theater, and Sean’s come to understand that I control the radio in the car – always. We’ve lived through weeks that turned into months that turned into years of seemingly endless fights. There were times I thought we weren’t going to make it. But somewhere in those 21 years we both grew up together, clung to our God and our vows and figured this marriage thing out – as much as we can, at least. Which is all we need for today.

Happy anniversary, honey. Here's to the next 21!