Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Stay safe, people

As travel plans become travel realities for lots of people today and tomorrow, let me just say that allowing enough distance between you and the car in front of you is very, very wise.

I was driving home last night with Rebecca and got a little too close to the Chevy in front of me. I bumped his bumper and thought, “Well, this is not good.” I was just about to follow the car to a parking lot so we could exchange info when a Mustang chose to use my car as his breaks and we were slammed from behind.

The Mustang that got me.

Thankfully the only damage was to our vehicles; the drivers and passengers were okay. Well, physically, anyway. I’m pretty sure the driver of the Mustang would not say he was okay. He was a college student, about Michael’s age, and he just destroyed his brand-new car. He said he’d call the police so I went to check on the other driver. When I went back to check on him, he was still on the phone with his dad. I wanted to give him a hug but realized he’d think I was crazy so I kept my distance.

The police came, gave us all the information we needed for our insurance and we were on our way. I wish I knew how the college kid’s parents took the news…

The accident reminded me that even in stressful situations it’s important to find something to thank the Lord for. I’m so thankful Rebecca was okay. I’m thankful all the other people involved were okay. And I’m thankful my husband came to sit with me while we waited for the police.

So remember, if you’re hitting the road, play it safe out there! Keep lots of distance between you and the cars around you. And find things to be thankful for – a good rule of thumb every day, not just the fourth Thursday in November.

Sean has often talked about the three-second rule as a way to stay safe on the roads. Read about it here.

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