Monday, January 06, 2014

Snow and sanctification

Want to know which of Snow White’s dwarfs I am today? I am Grumpy. Because I am grumpy, grumpy, grumpy about the snowpocalypse that has hit my house.

Fine, it hit, apparently, every house in Michigan. But it really, really, really hit my house. And I am not happy about it. Not. At. All.

Sean and Michael shoveled and snow blowed three times, including this morning at 5:30 so Sean could go to work. And I need to do it again now, because the snow just keeps on coming.

I think we’re way past a foot at this point.

Of course, I do live in Michigan now where lots of natives love the snow. Love, love, love it. And they love to tell me how beautiful it is. The next person to do that is getting de-friended.

While I’ve been stewing over my distaste for all things snowy, I stopped myself long enough to ask what I don’t like. Some of the answers are obvious – it’s freaking cold, someone has to clear the driveway, and snow which turns to water gets tracked inside the house. A big ol’ bummer is I can’t wear my favorite shoes because snow gets in my socks. That is actually a real problem for me.

And as I made my list of things I hate about this winter, I had to do a bit of self-correction. How often do I tell my kids we cannot allow ourselves to be controlled by our circumstances? (I’m sure they could do a pretty good imitation of me saying that!) Are we not told to give thanks in all things – even snow?

So even in this state of grumpiness, I will choose to find something to be thankful for:

  • A warm house
  • A husband who drives to work despite the weather
  • A son who will shovel his dad out of the driveway
  • A grocery store run this past Saturday
  • A snow plow that will (eventually) come
  • A ray of sunshine that I think I see

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to go out and play in the stuff. But I will not let it ruin my day. No more Grumpy for me; I'm working on Happy.

God is working all things for my good. Even Snowpocalypse 2014.

A view from my garage door this morning - there are three cars 
out there all covered up. Yes, if I stepped outside I could 
get a better picture, but I'm not that interested in photography.


  1. Perfect! Hang in, Christie!

  2. Awesome post. Good reminder for all of us - even those who like the snow. : )

  3. MG - thanks!

    Sean - how's it going to look when I defriend my husband?!

  4. If I may, I'm going to admit it. I *like* the snow. I don't love it, grew up with it, and while it is lovely, I'd say our official measurement of 13 inches is plenty--thank you very much. It's cold, bone chilling cold and this is from a girl who grew up in the 'real' midwest. But, I do love how the sunshine (albeit minimal here) bounces off the snow and glimmers and brings a lovely shine to the dreary surroundings.

    Hang in there, sister. Warmer, spring like days are sure to come. In June...but they're coming. :)


  5. I so feel you, Mrs. Duffy. I shoveled four times yesterday and was very, very, very sick of the snow by mid-day. haha.

    When I was young, this amount of snow was SO FUN! I think it's the fact that I now have to shovel it and drive in it that ruins the good time. :P

    We can only hope spring will come soon! haha well... It probably won't.


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