Monday, February 03, 2014

Random Thoughts

It’s a good thing consistent blog-writing isn’t responsible to supply income for the family. Holy cow, we’d be broke. So, so broke. Thank goodness someone in my family has a full-time job that actually pays cold, hard cash. Or at least has it deposited into our bank account.

FYI: it’s still cold and snowy. I hate the snow. Hate, hate, hate.

Before anyone says it: Yes, it's pretty on the trees and the fields and the slopes. 

Someone said she bet I was glad I wasn’t in Atlanta last week. Well, I’m glad I wasn’t caught in the Atlanta snow storm traffic. But I sure wouldn’t mind some of their 60 degree weather right about now.
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Of course, at this point, 20° feels warm. Which concerns me.

Went to a scholarship competition with Amy on Saturday. Eight hundred kids competing for 20 slots. So she only has to beat out 781 kids. No problem.

Too bad the confidence of the parental units doesn’t count for anything in these things.

Amy has three more auditions for her desired major and two more scholarship interviews. We should know something between mid-April and the first of May. The waiting seems to be doing more of a number on me than the kid actually involved.

Michael’s college shopping experience did not prepare us for Amy’s. Here’s how Michael’s went: “Mom, Dad, I want to go to this school. I got in, and here’s my scholarship.” We knew where he was going by November of his senior year.

Here’s Amy’s: “I only want to go to a school if I get into the particular program. And surprise! Hundreds of people audition for 5 – 7 spots. So there’s really no guessing which school’s program I’ll get in – if I get in. I just have to wait until May.”

Did I mention I’m not great at waiting?

Did I also mention I have done a fabulous job of curtailing the tears lately? I am very proud of myself. But probably not as happy as the rest of my family.

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