Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birthday Buddies

Today is my little sister’s birthday. I can honestly say I’ve been right there by her side ever since she was born. Or to be precise, since conception.  

Ah, twin humor. Gotta love it.

So to my dear twin sister Heather, I wish you a happy, happy birthday. I’m sure I’ll get the customary phone call at 10:10, where for six minutes you remind me that you’re a whole year younger. But then 10:16 hits and you catch up.

Perhaps you could consider this blog post a birthday present. Because your actual one will be late.

Happy birthday, Heather!

Our dad's dad holding us. I have no idea which one I am.

By first grade, I could tell us apart, but the yearbook 
staff couldn't. That's Heather's picture by my name, 
3rd row down, look for the pig tails.

The fam, 1985. 

Another yearbook picture. Glad her face wasn't in the fold! 
Also, no comments about the hair or earrings. But feel free to 
comment on my awesome blazer. I loved that thing!

Christmas 2013

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