Monday, May 12, 2014

Random Thoughts

I felt 90 degree heat last week. I forgot what hot felt like.

Sean and I were in Orlando for his work trip. Thankfully, after my intial faux pas of hugging one of his co-workers, I got it together and shook hands the rest of the week.

After the conference, we got to go to Epcot and Disney World. Going to Disney without children is super-easy. When we were done with a ride, we got off and left. We watched other parents with kids get off the ride, gather all their little ones, load up the stroller and hope they didn’t leave anything in Winnie’s honeypot.

Disney without our children was also quite emotional. I did not expect that. I’m also pretty sure Buzz didn’t expect to see me burst into tears when I saw him.

I shouldn’t have gone there so close to Amy’s graduation, which is only 11 days away.

In 11 days, we’ll have two high school graduates. And in three months, we’ll have two in college. That seems about as unbelievable as the new Spiderman movie.

Michael is very upset with me for not loving the new Spiderman movie. He thinks Spidey is a fun super hero. I think he’s fun, too. I just think the writers could, oh, I don’t know, have come up with a different plot than re-using stuff from a previous movie.

Michael says I just don’t understand the comic book. Correct.

The kids took me to see Captain America for Mother’s Day. Another completely unbelievable movie but at least I hadn’t heard that story before. And Robert Redford was in it. Nice touch.

They also gave me a 6-pack of Diet Coke and red and black nail polish. They do know me.

And it's nice to have them all home. We'll take it for however long it lasts!