Thursday, June 26, 2014

Random thoughts, Harry Potter edition

I cannot stand the Dursley’s. Can’t remember the last time I disliked fictional characters so much. But it seems Petunia is hiding something and I'm dying to find out what it is!

Of course, now that I’m in book 5, The Order of the Phoenix, my disdain for Professor Umbridge is reaching Dursley-dislike levels. And fast.

Hermione has grated on my nerves since book 1, but she’s growing on me.

I adore Mrs. Weasley.

It's intersteing how many parallels I'm finding between the lack of good reporting and truthfulness in The Daily Prophet and half the internet sites that have carried my blog post on the doctor's visit. So many Rita Skeeters out there.

It's also interesting how our biases can blind us to truth, even when it's right in front of our faces.

It appears that right now I can only write about Harry Potter or the fall-out from that blasted doctor's visit. Pretty ready to focus on something else... so let's go to Pinterest!

Pinterest is full of Potter stuff – love this! Just think: a month ago that wouldn’t have made any sense to me.

Harry Potter Obsessed

Sean will be so happy to see math on here.

I remain woefully behind on laundry.

I wonder what I’ll blame my lack of laundry attentiveness on once I finish the books?

If only I had a wand and a spell to fold those clothes.

Bet Hermione knows one.