Monday, June 09, 2014

Random thoughts on I. Am. The. Mom.

I always wanted one of my blog posts to be shared on Facebook. The few times one or two friends shared a post was a thrill. What happened last week was beyond anything I’d ever imagined.

Being on The Glen Beck Show was very interesting. It was taped, and as I sat and waited for my turn to go on, I was able to hear all the interaction between Beck and his production assistants. He was incredibly professional and kind to everyone he spoke with, including me.

Being on Fox and Friends was also interesting. The producers I worked with before the interview were professional and friendly, as were Beck’s.

It’s very hard to know when to respond to an interviewer’s question when you can’t see him. Being able to read facial expressions is so important.

This was my view for both the Beck and Fox and Friends interviews:

I’m beyond thankful for the friends and family who prayed for me. I know it is only because of those prayers that the interviews went as well as they did.

One of the questions on my Fox interview was, “What do you think would have happened if you hadn’t done anything?” I vividly remember my mind going blank and having no recollection of my answer. It wasn’t until I watched it that I realized the Lord obviously put the answer on my lips because it was better than anything I could have come up with! (It was something like, “I don’t know what would have happened, but I know what did happen…”)

If you know me in real life it’s probably best to avoid the comments. If you really know me and my family, you know that much of what I’m accused of is nuts: that I’m a helicopter mom, that I don’t want to talk to my kids about sex, that I’m a control freak –  and those are just the comments I’m willing to put here! There are others that are horribly vulgar.

I just wish everyone knew how much my family actually talks about sex and drugs!

My kids probably wish we didn’t talk about them as much as we do.

My favorite thing that happened last week: receiving so many messages and email that friends loved us and were praying for us.

My second favorite thing: having this under my picture:

and being complimented for being non-compliant and disobedient! First time that’s ever happened! Well, the being complimented part is a first.