Monday, August 11, 2014

Random Thoughts

Michael heads back to school on Wednesday. Amy goes eight days later.

Hey, I typed that without crying! Major progress.

Amy has several classes that Sean would like to take with her, including musical composition and some funky math class. Of course, he said he’d pass on her two dance classes.

Michael has several automotive classes, like accounting for dealerships, plus he’s working on Northwood’s upcoming auto show. Sean would like to join him, too.

Basically, it sounds like Sean would like to retire and go back to school.

Only way I’m going back is if I can be a DJ again. And even then, only if I can take underwater basket weaving for pass/fail. Otherwise, no thanks. I told Sean that and Rebecca said, “Basket weaving sounds hard to me.” We tried to explain how calling a class underwater basket weaving was a way to refer to an easy class, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought she was right. It sounds pretty hard to me, too.

Underwater basketweaving from
If scuba gear is involved, I'm out.

I’m definitely not ready for them to go back, but I think Rebecca is dreading it even more than I am.  People keep telling her she’s going to love the individual attention and she keeps telling them that she will not.

But she thinks them leaving and her being alone will soften my no-more-pets stance. This morning she told me she wants a lamp with a giant globe that doubles as a fish tank. I said no more animals are coming in this house. When Amy’s fish are gone, we will be pet-free. Rebecca’s response: “When I get older I’m going to have a cow and a horse and a pig and a sheep and a cat and a dog and a bunch of hamsters. Maybe a bunch of sheep. And my cow will be named Daisy. And two parakeets named Dunlop and Dunbar.”

And this conversation reminded me to be praying for the potential spouses for my children.

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