Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Thank you, Mood!

Aside from the major tourist sites in NYC, I really wanted to see Mood, the fabric store made famous by the TV show Project Runway. I started watching it when Sean got transferred to Lansing and my nights became very lonely. Pretty sure I watched way too much TV in the five months we were apart…

Anyway, PR is a show about fashion designers – I like it because it’s a reality show that requires skill. Each week the designers receive a challenge to make a particular outfit, and each week they visit Mood. They race through the store, collecting whatever fabrics and notions needed to create a look for that week’s challenge. I am amazed that they designers can buy a bunch of fabric, then send a dress down the runway 24 hours later. Totally crazy.

We checked the address, went to the spot, and the store was not there. I hadn’t thought we’d have to enter an office building and ride an elevator to the store – an elevator with an actual elevator operator! It was very 1960’s and very, very cool. As we stood around looking confused, the elevator man said, "Mood?" I wish I'd gotten his name because without him, we wouldn't have found the store. Thanks so much. Mr. Elevator Man!

He took us up to the third floor and we walked right into Mood. And I know this sound crazy, but it looks exactly like it does on the show. Exactly. The stairs, the fabrics, the signs – exactly. The only thing that would have made it more like the show is if Tim Gunn would have been there!

And the staff was as kind to us as they seem on TV. I figured they were sick of tourists just trying to get a peek at the store. But each employee we talked to was so friendly and helpful. David, especially, was so friendly as he helped Rebecca with her button purchase. We could have spent hours just looking at buttons!

As we checked out, the cashier gave us a fabric Mood bag for our purchase – hello, Christy’s souvenir! I look like one of the PR designers, carrying my Mood bag over my shoulder.

Just don’t tell the Mood people I have no idea how to sew.

I was trying to not look like a complete tourist, so I don't have any pictures. Note to self: don't do that again! Thankfully, there are lots of other pictures of Mood online and I'm thankful to be able to
borrow one.

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