Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Done in by math again

This is what I get for doing math, y’all.

I posted a picture on Facebook of me and Sean facetiming with Amy. (Facetiming? Is this a word now?) Amy looked lovely and I wasn't looking too shabby. Sean, on the other hand… let’s just say the picture did not adequately represent how absolutely handsome he actually is.

(That’s a nice way of saying it was bad. Really, really, bad.)

I posted the screenshot before I realized how not great it was of my dear husband. It didn’t look quite so off on my iPhone screen, but on the laptop, it wasn't good.

Michael immediately commented that he didn't think Sean would have selected that picture. Amy concurred. As did Rebecca. And this is when I made the crucial, mathematical mistake: I said that, “2/3's of us look good. Sometimes you gotta go with the math.”

Surely you see the problem. Now I can just imagine my people posting a picture where I’m not looking so hot but the rest of them are. And they’re going to use my line WITH MATH to say they’re justified in posting it.

So for the record, I would like to edit my equation/fraction/math thingy to this: “If 2/3’s of us look good, and 1/3 of the 2/3 is me, then you go with the picture.”

Math. It will get you every time.

Here's a good one of Sean. Hope that makes up for the not-great one... 

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