Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It does hurt!

Sometimes things happen to a mom to remind her how much things hurt so she can be empathetic when the same happens to her kid. Yesterday, one of those things happened to me. And my hip still hurts.

Thursday I came down with hives. Really itchy hives. After I reviewed what I’d eaten and examined every bottle of lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, detergent and fabric softener and found absolutely nothing had changed, I figured I had to let whatever it was run its course. I got some Benadryl and soldiered through.

By Sunday, I would have gladly taken a cheese grater to my arms and legs.

When I woke up Monday and realized I’d passed the cheese grater stage and moved on to chainsaw, I figured I needed to see someone. So I went to the redi-clinic and was told there was no obvious cause of the rash, but steroids should clear it up. And I had an option: five days of pills or a shot and four days of pills. Did I have any questions?

Yep. Which would work the fastest?

“The shot.”
Hypodermic Needle 
Then bring it on.

The nurse said, “Now, I’m not going to lie. This will burn.”

Definitely not a liar.

The good news is once the medicine from the shot went in I forgot how much the rash itched.

It took six minutes for the deadly stinging pain of the shot to go away. After that, I was left with a dull ache in my hip that will apparently last the rest of my life.

People, I have a very high pain threshold. Very. High. For that shot to affect me that much… I can only imagine how much that would hurt someone else. But I wouldn’t have believed it unless I’d experienced it.

I hope my people don’t need a shot anytime soon. But having that one yesterday reminded me that shots hurt and that I need to be very, very understanding if anyone complains about one.

If someone you know gets a shot, be kind. It actually does hurt. Like, a whole pickin’ lot.

I didn't even get a lollipop. But I suppose I'll settle for no more itching.

And the lesson learned.

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