Monday, November 03, 2014

Hey L's: vote for the R

I've kept this space relatively politics-free (even the I. Am. The. Mom. post was apolitical) but with elections tomorrow I thought I’d throw out my two cents’:

Vote for the R.

As a libertarian, nothing would thrill me more than having a whole bunch of L’s on the ballot. But that’s not where we are today. Today we have a bunch of D’s on the ballot who need to be defeated, not because they are bad people but because they espouse bad policy. And those of us L’s who say we need to vote our conscience will do nothing but allow that bad policy to flourish.

You heard me – pull the lever for the L and guess what you've done? Taken a vote from an R and made it more likely the D will win.

A voters casts their ballot in a voting booth in Dover, New Hampshire January 8, 2008. | Reuters
This election isn't about voting for or against a particular candidate as much as it is voting for or against an ideology. And the R’s won’t move as quickly toward leftism as the D’s.

Yes, that’s a lousy attitude and yes, I wish I had more hope. But I don’t. So for now, I’m going to vote for the party that stands for less government intrusion. Remember: not a single R voted for the Affordable Care Act. And if there hadn't been so many D’s in Congress at the time, perhaps it’s wouldn't have passed.

So get out there and vote – but remember: voting for an L is actually taking a vote away from someone. And that someone is usually an R, a politician who will move more slowly towards an ideology most L’s and R’s find abhorrent.

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