Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A bunch o’ random stuff

Fourteen days until Christmas. This is the sweet spot where you think you still have plenty of time left but in reality, you are quickly running out of days.

And by “you”, I mean “me”.

Actually, I mean, “I”. Have to get that correct in case one of my grammar students happens upon my blog.

I changed so much in that last sentence to make sure it was grammar-student-approved.

When I think about someone checking my blog for grammatical errors, I break out into a sweat.

And now, of course, this means I’ll have some mistakes.

That reminds me of the editor’s note from my 10th grade yearbook: “If you find mistakes in this publication, please consider that they are there for a reason. We try to publish something for everyone and some people are always looking for mistakes.”

That was a brilliant inclusion, one that I copied when I became the editor.

Speaking of yearbooks, I’m the adviser for a book for a home school co-op. Everything is done digitally. No grease pencils, no croppers, no carbon paper… Where’s the fun in all that?

I bet some people reading this don’t know what carbon paper was for. Or a ditto machine for that matter.

Might as well put a sign on me: “Yep. She’s old.”

Of course, if I can be as cool as this skateboarding grandma, I think old age will be just fine. 
Skateboarding grandma

On a completely different subject: Michael stars in this video of the Northwood University International Auto Show. Okay, okay, he’s only in it for 3 seconds, but they’re the best three seconds of the video! Check him out at .05:

Remember, only 14 days until Christmas. Get your shopping done now – consider it a favor to the procrastinators. That way, when they go the day before you’re not in their way.

And by “they” and “their”, I mean, “I” and “my”.

Dadgum… grammar can be exhausting. But don’t tell my students I said so.

One of my pet peeves, along with your/you're, to/too/two, and four/for

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