Monday, February 23, 2015

Blinking will change your world

Blinking can really do a trick on a mom. For instance, I had Rebecca yesterday. What a beautiful baby! And then, I blinked. All of a sudden, she’s a beautiful 15 year old.
Today, the baby of our family is no longer a baby. And she hasn't been for a long time. But because she is the caboose of our train of three, she’ll always be considered our baby. Just last week, Sean and I were going to be out for several hours; I was talking to Amy about our plans and she said, “Who’s staying with Rebecca?” Um, no one. I reminded Amy that Rebecca is the one staying with little ones these days, and Amy said, “I forget she’s not eight.”

I think that happens with the youngest. We just think of the last as the baby, always. The babies of families are forever being hauled around to the older kids’ stuff. They have to learn to fit in to all the other members of the family’s activities. (I can remember trying to time dropping off Michael at first grade in between Rebecca’s feedings and nap times. Thanks to Atlanta traffic, my timing rarely worked out.) But that little baby who sat through countless carpools and piano recitals and soccer/volleyball/basketball games and whose naps were taken in the car more often than her crib has grown into a lovely young woman.

That lovely young woman will probably not be thrilled that I'm writing about her. But her computer is in the shop, so I may get a pass on this one.

Happy birthday, Rebecca! I love you!
Rebecca's first birthday

Hello, third driver!