Friday, May 22, 2015

Post-vacation fun

Disney has a new feature that films part of your ride - here we are on the Tower of Terror. I love roller coasters. Rides that just drop? Not a fan. The things we do for our children... I look so calm at the 11 second mark. At :22? Not so much. Also, I needed more hair spray.

A few favorite pictures of the week:

There's a new bear at Disney - Duffy! We had to meet him. You should have seen us in line with all the little kids. People weren't sure what we were doing.

On Test Track at Epcot - I can't remember the other guy's name, but I told him to smile because he was going to be in our photo album.

Someone took the Buzz Lightyear ride very seriously.

We weren't very successful at taking our own pictures, but after several tries, we got all five of us and the Epcot golf ball in this one. I believe this was the 6th attempt.

Happy weekend!