Thursday, June 18, 2015

Random Thoughts

My baby boy went on a business trip this week. He flew from Detroit to Charlotte, then on to Asheville. He rented a car. He had his own hotel room. He used the company credit card. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? He is not old enough for all that.

I am not old enough for all that…

Amy started her job at a local coffee place. I am trying really hard not to mention how sad I am that they don’t serve Coke products.

Rebecca is at bike camp this week where she is learning how to take care of the mechanics of a bike. On Friday she gets to bring home the bike she’s been working on. Next week she’s going to a birding camp. I sincerely hope there is not a bird coming home with her at the end of that camp.

Rebecca mowed the lawn this week for the first time all by herself. Michael is hoping he’s out of that job. Rebecca, not so much.

Been reading about all those shark attacks? Two kids lost limbs and others had the snot bitten out of other parts of their bodies. People, I am not crazy for not going in the ocean. Not. Crazy.

You know who’s crazy? The people who keep going in the ocean!

There’s a popular shirt in Michigan that says, “Great Lakes: Unsalted and Shark Free.” I LOVE that! 

Of course, when I tout the greatness of the Great Lakes for not having sharks, Michael and Amy remind me that there are lampreys in Lake Michigan. They’re gross, but they won’t take off your leg.

If they will, please don’t tell me. I need one beach to go to without panicking.