Thursday, June 04, 2015

Someone knew the Wizard!

When I posted the story about Rebecca in Ollivander’s wand shop at Universal Studios, I desperately hoped the power of the internet would direct me to the helpful wizard who made our visit unforgettable. Little did I know I only needed to contact one of my first friends and God-sister, Jennifer.

My mom went to college with Jennifer’s parents, and they became so close that they were named my Godparents. I grew up calling them Uncle Mike and Aunt Suzie and I have wonderful memoires of playing at their house in Gainesville and visiting with Jennifer, Aunt Suzie and Aunt Suzie’s mom in her home in Druid Hills near Emory. It was one of those wonderful older homes set up on a hill – it’s the place I first tasted Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle. Wonderful memories.

Jennifer read my post about the Ollivander’s employee and contacted a college friend of hers who knows the Vice President of Park Entertainment at Universal. He forwarded my post on to the VP, who was pleased to receive such a good review of one of her employees.

Seriously – all it took was a text message from Jennifer to a college friend. I thought finding the right connection was going to be a lot more difficult than that! I was geared up for an online search to figure out who to call or text or message.* Who knew I had such connections? (Clearly I did not…)

The VP told Jennifer’s friend that the names of cast members are not released, so I’ll never get to thank him personally, but I’m thrilled to know the message got to him. And it’s not too shabby to have the VP of Park Entertainment know – hopefully finding out through her will also be a big boost for this kind man.

We've now been doubly-blessed by the experience. First, by the magical wizard, and now, by Jennifer. She didn't have to follow up with her friend - I didn't even know she knew anyone at Universal. But she saw a need and met it. 

I thought I’d need a magic wand to thank the wand wizard. Turns out, all I needed was my first friend.

Thank you so much, Jennifer! When I drink my Diet Coke today, I'll toast to you!

*My friend, Christine, tried to contact Universal via Twitter - they never got back to her, but I so appreciate her attempt!