Thursday, March 03, 2016

What the heck, America?!

So, Rebecca, Amy and I are a bit obsessed with the musical, Hamilton. It’s taken Broadway by storm and won this year’s Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Tickets for the show are sold out until next January. Unless you want to spend anywhere from $800 - $1200 for a ticket on the secondary market. That’s the price for ONE ticket.

I did put my name on the list to get info when tickets are available, though...

Anyway, the show is all about the life of Alexander Hamilton – yes, the Founding Father Hamilton. One of the songs is between Hamilton and Aaron Burr, after Burr won the New York senate seat formerly held by Hamilton’s father-in-law. Here’s the exchange:

Since when are you a Democratic-Republican?

Since being one put me on the up and up again

No one knows who you are or what you do

Rebecca stopped the song and said, “That sounds like Trump. He’s just doing what he thinks will get him votes.”

Now y’all, if a 16-year-old who’s just dipped her toe in the waters of national politics can get that, why can’t grown men and women who’ve been swimming in electoral waters for decades?

And who are these Trump voters? Seriously? Other than Ann Coulter, who the heck are they?

Please, please, please, I am begging the Republican powers that be to figure out how to provide a united front and end this Trump nonsense. Otherwise, the donkeys will stay in Washington four more years.

(Wasn’t that polite of me to say “donkeys” and not “asses”?)

Listen to this at your own risk. You won't be able to stop. There. I've given you fair warning. (Also, there are some bad words - not in this song but in some of the others.)