Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Car or math - you pick, Mr. Engineer

Dear Sean,

Rebecca turned 16 seven weeks ago. This is a major milestone in the Duffy family – license time! She passed the road test, parallel parked like a champ and has been driving solo ever since. Just like a Duffy, she loves the freedom the open road affords her. I know it warms your heart right on up to see your baby love the automobile as much as you do.

Something else that warms your heart is the number of hours you and Rebecca have spent pouring over AutoTrader, Craigslist and various dealer sites, hoping to find just the right car for her. She knows her budget and you’ve been helping her identify just the right car for her money. Mileage, wear and tear, makes and models… Y’all have had lots of fun at the kitchen table researching and dreaming of her first set of wheels.

All this father/daughter time has been swell. But honey, it is time to get the girl her own wheels. Otherwise, we’re going to have to cancel math.

(Got your attention now, don’t I, Mr. Engineer?)

Today, her math lesson time was changed, which interfered with my previously schedule hair appointment. You know how your hair looks – practically white? Mine would look like that, too, without this appointment. Gray looks distinguished on men. Doesn’t work that way on the fairer sex. Also, I’m younger than you so gray right now is not part of my plan. I have a standing appointment to get that oldness taken care of. And it's every six weeks during her math lesson. Which is today at 12:45.

When Rebecca’s teacher told me of the change in time, I tried to reschedule my appointment. My first priority really was getting her to the math lesson. But when I heard my hair lady didn’t have any other openings this week, the importance of math < my need to cover my gray.

After some finagling and requesting favors of two friends (thanks Traci and Sarah!), I was able to secure her math lesson and get her to her ride for ballet. But let me tell you, honey, if I couldn’t have made it work, math was going out the window because I am absolutely getting my hair done.

I tell you that little story to encourage you to help this child buy her car. Now. She has saved her money and she is ready. And I am ready.

And her math lessons may depend on it.


Your brown-headed wife

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