Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dust bunnies from heaven

God works in mysterious ways. He uses people, songs, scripture. And sometimes he uses dust. Great big, gigantic dust bunnies.

Our oldest graduated from college the first of May and began moving into his new apartment shortly thereafter. It was a gradual process, so gradual I could almost pretend wasn’t happening. But when the moving truck pulled up to take his bedroom furniture and all the boxes that had been piling up in said child’s room, the process hit me right between the eyes.

Pretty hard to ignore your kid is moving out when two young guys from a moving company are hauling out all his possessions, including the bed we gave him for his second birthday:
As the tears began to flow, (you're all shocked, I'm sure) I went up to the now-empty bedroom to vacuum. It's my thing - I love to vacuum. It's weird. I know, but the lines in the carpet are quite satisfying. And at that moment, I needed something to take my mind off reality.

As soon as I entered his room, a new kind of reality hit me: the kind that says, “You may say you like to vacuum but you aren’t very good at it!” Because the dust where the bed used to be was at least an inch thick:

Taking the bed down which exposes...
all this dust.
My tears immediately dried up as I faced the horror of my terrible housekeeping. I spent the next 30 minutes vacuuming. And in that time, I got my act together and had a good laugh at how gross the carpet was. And that translated into more good laughs throughout the day.

We got him moved out and settled in and shortly thereafter he started his Big Boy Job. And in the weeks since the move, I've been dry-eyed and pleased as punch for my first-born.

Who knew dust bunnies would help get me over the crying jag I've been on for, oh, four years?

I am thankful for the dust bunnies. I'm thankful for the way God used them to bring humor to the day I'd been dreading. But I think that little bit of reality calls for some serious spring cleaning because while it was comical at the time, I am so so totally grossed out that I can barely stand it. Watch out dust bunnies: I'm coming for you!

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