Tuesday, September 27, 2016

This Hilary I want to see

There are so many people in New York City. So. Many. People. Running into anyone you know is a one in a million shot. Running into the person who gave you tickets you used on your first date, which led to you being in NYC to celebrate your 24th anniversary – now, that’s got to be one in a bazillion.

My first date with Sean was June 21, 1989. (Yes, I’m aware that’s a long time ago.) And that date was made possible by Sean’s brand-new boss, Scott, who gave Sean tickets to a symphony pops concert that Scott and several other co-workers were attending with their spouses. Sean had just graduated from GMI (now Kettering) and had hired on with GM full-time. I’m the lucky girl who got to go along as his plus 1 for the outdoor concert. In Atlanta. In June. Did I mention it was outdoors?

The fact that I said yes to another date was a miracle. Thankfully date #2 was indoors…

Scott and Sean
Since that first date we've had many opportunities to interact with Scott and his lovely wife, Hilary. They hosted numerous work parties at their beautiful home and Sean worked for Scott for many years in Atlanta. He’s the boss I remember hearing the most about, the boss who helped shepherd Sean through his early years at GM. And he’s the man I always think of with great fondness for giving Sean the tickets that led to our first date.

So when we saw Scott and Hilary in NYC last week as we were celebrating anniversary #24, it just felt amazingly, wonderfully right.

Unfortunately, we ran into them as we were leaving the city and they were coming. But we had 30 minutes to catch up before our car picked us up to take us to the airport. And in those 30 minutes, Sean and Scott got caught up on their friends from Doraville and Hilary filled me in on the many volunteer projects she’s working on. And we had a few good laughs remembering that concert at Chastain Park Amphitheatre when we were all babies, 27 years ago.

Thanks for giving Sean those tickets, Scott!
Me with Hilary (yep - just one "l").