Thursday, October 26, 2017

Off the wagon for good

For years I have railed against the wearing of leggings in public. I’ve questioned how so many failed to realize the legging is not a pant. I’ve wondered how it became acceptable to wear little more than thick tights outside a dressing room. And I’ve marveled that this fad that I was sure would be a flash in a pan has lasted as long as it has.

But a few years ago, I got a pair of leggings FOR IN-HOME WEAR ONLY, of course. In those years I have loved staying home if only to wear those things. They are so stinkin’ comfortable! As soon as my outside-the-house responsibilities were over, I made a beeline for my bedroom; off went the pants and on came the leggings.

Then, like a wave, LuLaRoe posts flooded my Facebook feed. Grown, adult women started wearing leggings. Like, all the time. These were women wearing the leggings, not just college students who couldn’t be bothered to put on real pants to get to an 8 o’clock class. And they were all coordinated with cute tops and sweaters and boots… I found myself looking longingly at the comfy clothes and finagling a way to get home to put on my leggings.

After all that legging envy, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I finally fell off the anti-legging wagon.

Y’all, I wore leggings outside the house yesterday.

I recently bought what I thought was a shirt but after getting it home, realized it was a shirt dress. It was long enough to cover everything that nobody wants to see. I instantly thought it might – MIGHT – be the kind of thing I could wear with leggings instead of jeans. I put it on once with the leggings but chickened out and put on jeans. But yesterday, I took the plunge. I cannot recall a time I wore a more comfortable outfit.

Now, granted, I only went to a friend’s house (she was also wearing leggings!) and I didn’t go in public places, so I eased myself into the leggings-outside-the-house thing. But I did stop to think, “This is the day I get pulled over and go to jail and I get arraigned and people take pictures and I’m in leggings.”  

I should stop watching all those Law & Order reruns…

Like all who fall from grace, it’s the small steps you don’t notice that lead to the tumble. And for me, the in-home-only leggings was the first step down the slippery slope to full legging acceptance.

If I caved on the legging thing, I’m really worried about other fashion ideas I might change my mind about… white after Labor Day? Mixing prints? Wearing black and brown together? Perish the thought!

But y’all, if I ever cave on socks with sandals, lock me up and throw away the key. Just don’t throw away my leggings. 
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