Thursday, June 02, 2005


If you'll look over on the right you'll see I've posted a few of my favorite websites. I check in with Neal Boortz every day -- I know he rubs some people the wrong way but I love his economic ideas (can't wait to read the book he and Congressman John Linder just wrote on the Fair Tax idea) and I think it's fun to hear someone say exactly what's on his mind.

I also hope to post a link to Trinity Church's website. This is the church we've been attending for several weeks now and have found it very relevant. Still need to find out more about its doctrine and beliefs, but what I've heard from the pulpit certainly sounds good.

And I want to post a link to another blog -- Commonterri. This is written by someone I went to college with and I counted her a friend then. I'm hoping to rekindle our friendship now that I live just up the road from her. She is incredibly funny and witty and has encouraged me to write my own blog just by so faithfully writing hers.

Happy reading!