Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Life without Amy

Well, Amy's spending this week at camp, and life is not the same without her. Michael is dragging himself around the house, moaning, "There's nothing to do without Amy." Rebecca keeps drawing pictures of a little girl crying. Then she asks me, "How do you spell, 'I never want Amy to go to camp again.'"

This is the third summer we've been without one of our children at some point so you'd think we'd be used to it by now. But when you pluck a member of the family out of the mix things just don't work the same.

The camp Amy's at is called Teen Missions. She and Michael have both gone there before and both liked it enough to go back. Teen Missions International (TMI) began 35 years ago as a place for teenagers who wanted to put feet to their faith. TMI has sponsored summer mission trips for teenagers to countries all over the world. I spent two summers with TMI; the first summer I went to Portugal and the second to Kenya. Both trips changed my life. A day doesn't goes by that I don't think about the "least and the lost" in different ways as a direct result of my time with TMI.

As I was dropping Amy off last weekend she took the opportunity to tell me that it had been 19 years since I'd first gone on my TMI team. Go glad to have children who can add and subtract...

Anyway, I'll go pick her up on Sunday. I can't wait to see her! And I can't wait to hear what she's learned this week. And I know Michael and Rebecca can't wait for me to bring her home!