Monday, October 31, 2005

Weenie Hally Hap!

For some reason that's very funny to our family. I can't remember why...

We thoroughly enjoy Halloween for one reason and one reason only: candy. Okay, we enjoy carving pumpkins too, but really, the big thing is the candy. The kids have already started trading treats and we don't go out for another two hours. Rebecca likes hard candy so Amy's prepared to trade lolly pops for chocolate. And Sean basically gets all the Mounds bars as a tax for taking them door-to-door.

Last year we went trick-or-treating with the Berrys and let me tell you if you are not a serious trick-or-treater, do NOT go with Kim Berry. She wore us out. No candy was worth going for three hours! We finally had to bail on her and drag our tired bodies home.

The kids have already said how much they'll miss going out tonight without our back-door neighbors -- our real back-door neighbors, not the ones from up here. (Don't get me wrong; I really like our new neighbors but my soul-mate back-door neighbor is still in Duluth.) It was fun to meet up on the corner and see what they were wearing and compare the weight of their bags of candy.

Rebecca's going as Jessie from Toy Story, Amy's going as a horse rider, and Michael's just escorting them so he can scarf some of their candy. Sean's also going with them and I'll be home handing out candy. I was going to walk with them but we've just gotten back from a field trip where we must have walked three miles on a nature trail and I'm all walked out. And let me tell you I wore the wrong shoes. The last time I went on a nature walk it was at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and we walked through nature on a paved path. Not here. We walked and walked and walked on God's green earth. No pavement anywhere to be seen. But I must say, my shoes were very good looking!

Anyway, I certainly hope you all enjoy a fun, safe Halloween!