Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hey, Spider-Man, the doorbell works!

Okay, I don't know if this is specific to Michigan, but last night our trick or treaters thought yelling at the door was the way to get candy. I was in the kitchen waiting for the doorbell to ring and instead I hear this muffled yelling, "TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!" I stuck my head around the corner to find there were several children standing on my front porch waiting for candy.

I opened the door, handed out candy, then tried the doorbell for myself. "Works fine," I thought.

Next thing I know I hear the muffled screams for treats again. I opened the door, handed out the treats and as sweetly as this Southerner could, suggested at the next house they ring the doorbell.

Realizing I could jeopardize the popularity of my children I refrained from saying anything to anyone who looked close to the ages of 5, 9 or 11.

But the screaming at the door went on all evening.

I'd finally had enough when several teenagers stood on my front porch and screamed until I came to the door. I swung the front door open, looked at their horrible costumes and told them in no uncertain terms that it is never polite to scream for someone to answer the door unless someone is in need of medical attention. Then I gave them one measly piece of candy.

Next year I'm putting a notice on my door: If you fail to ring the doorbell you will NOT receive any candy!!!

I'm beginning to feel like the Emily Post of Halloween...