Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What a Happy Thanksgiving

It was a weekend of firsts. The biggest, of course, was this was our first Thanksgiving as a traveling family. We’ve always lived only 20 minutes from each set of parents so we never had to drive far for our holiday celebrations. But this year we had 800 miles of ground to cover before we could partake of any turkey. And while the drive was eternal (my motto for the drive was, “This sucks” and I would occasionally whisper it to Sean just so he knew how I felt…) it was certainly worth it because it got us to family and friends.

Another first was I had my first shot of tequila. The kids and I went to visit my dear friend and true backdoor neighbor and her kids on Saturday. Sean and his dad were at the Georgia/Georgia Tech game so we had a girls’ night, albeit with our kids. (What a sad game. Tech almost pulled it off. Maybe next year. Seems like we’ve been saying that for five years in a row!)

The kids were off playing and we had some time to chat in the kitchen. I’m normally strictly a diet Coke girl but I’ve begun branching out and trying new drinks. I usually always go back to dC because I haven’t found anything that tastes as good. (Sounds like I have a very immature palette!)

So Linda offered wine (yuck – tried that before and hated it, white and red) and after I turned my nose up at it she said, “Shot of tequila?”

Hmmm, interesting. Like I said, I’d never tried that but always wondered what it was like. But that is hard liquor and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to get drunk (yes, I realize I’m showing my lack of experience with alcohol). Linda had some yummy appetizers out and I shoved several crackers and dip in my mouth because I do know that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea. (See, not so alcohol-illiterate after all.)

So we licked, salted, licked again, gulped and ate a piece of pineapple (she was out of lemons and limes). It was okay, but not something I think I feel the need to do again. I drank diet Coke with dinner.

The third first was my friend Kathy was early to our dinner on Sunday night! Holy cow, I could not believe it. Kathy, Carolyn, Hope and I have been getting together for three years now and each and every time (I am not exaggerating) I am always the first one there and Kathy or Carolyn is the last. Usually Kathy. So this Sunday we were meeting for dinner at 6:30 and I purposely tried to be late because I hate showing up and waiting. I feel like the biggest loser sitting there, promising the waiter, “They’re coming.”

This time I pulled in on time and Hope was right with me. We put our names on the list knowing Kathy would be late (Carolyn was home sick). Just as we began to sit in the waiting area Kathy popped around the corner and said, “I’ve already got a table, girls.”

Hope and I were shocked. Shocked. Way to go, Kathy!

So we talked and ordered and talked and ate and talked and talked and talked. How fabulous to be in the company of women who know all about you and still want to be with you!

All in all it was a great weekend. No family squabbles, total safety on the roads for all the miles we traveled, lots of time with friends and family. Oh, and great food! Couldn’t have asked for a better Thanksgiving.