Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Old/New Friends

Last night the fam ("family" for those not acquainted with my cousin Ashley’s vocabulary) traveled an hour south to a St. Nick party at the home of one of my college professors. He was one of my favorites, and I loved and hated him all at the same time. (I really hated him in Com 300. I never got that class. Why were communication students being asked to do stats? If we’d wanted to do math we’d have majored in Math!)

Anyway, since we've moved up here I haven't gotten a chance to see him so I was excited to catch up a bit with him and his lovely wife. And even though they had over 70 people in their home they took time to hug our necks, look us in the eye and chat for longer than most hosts would. It was so good to see them.

But the major bonus -- an old friend from college was there. She is another I haven't been able to connect with since we've moved but have desperately wanted to. We were friends in college but hadn’t done a great job keeping in touch. And honestly I was afraid something that happened at my wedding might have done in our friendship for good. (There are only a few things I would change about my wedding, and not spending time with faithful friends who'd traveled many miles to see me get married tops the list.)

I saw her from behind; her pig tails gave her away. She has one of those heads that pig tails look good on, even at our age. I slid through the crowd of other folks and ended up right behind her. I said, “I was hoping you’d be here!” It was so good to hug, reunite and realize all those wonderful qualities I loved in her were definitely still there. She has an amazing sense of humor and sharp wit; don’t go up against her because you will lose. She’s quick.

I’ve read her blog faithfully (reading her blog for two years is what inspired me to finally start this one) and feel like I know everything that’s gone on in her life - her mom’s wedding, nieces, her sister, shopping adventures, weekend trips. I knew she’d had a son and was thrilled to meet him. He is adorable! It’s so interesting to see friends I remember from college days with babies… how can this have happened to us?! Aren’t we still supposed to be up in the Student Publications lab, slaving over the yearbook and newspaper? How did we turn into married mothers in our mid-thirties?

Anyway, we exchanged email address and promises to get together. And I’m sincerely hoping those weren’t hollow words, because I’d really like to be friends again.