Thursday, December 15, 2005

It’s Still Water!

What is the deal with people walking around in a snow storm without an umbrella? It’s been snowing all day, a yucky, wet snow that melts immediately upon touch-down. And when it melts, it, of course, turns to water. And when it lands on your hair and melts on your hair, your hair gets wet.

I thought this was the exact reason we carried umbrellas!

But this afternoon, as I was looking at the people walking to and from the mall, all I could think was, “Do you walk around in the rain with no umbrella?!”

I realize I will look like a fish out of water but I am not going to walk in the snow without an umbrella anymore. I dried my hair this morning for a reason. I don’t want to walk around with wet hair. Plus, it was actually a good hair day and now, thanks to Mr. Snow, it’s not. Now it’s all pulled up in a rubber band on the top of my head. That’s a good look…

I’m already different up here. I may as well go ahead and carry an umbrella in the snow. Who knows? Maybe I’ll start a new trend. Now if I could just get the “hair in a rubber band on top of your head” to be a good look…