Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dadgum it's Cold

Well, I've had just about enough snow for the season. Problem is, everyone keeps telling me the season hasn't really started. This is not good.

The girls and I went to Pony Club last night. The same lady who's been helping us with our horse has 12 miniature horses and she teaches 4-6 year olds horse stuff using the minis. (And please note: they are horses, not ponies. I made that mistake. Once.)

So we’re in the barn last night after trudging through nearly a foot of snow. And Rebecca’s feet were cold even before we got to the barn. It was cold but I thought I’d bundled her up well. I was very wrong.

Not even ten minutes into the lesson she was crying that she couldn’t feel her feet. I thought we could make it a few minutes longer but then I couldn’t feel my feet either.

We did manage to make it through the lesson but by the time I got to the car with the girls Rebecca was inconsolable. Between the sobs I heard, “I hate snow!” and “I can’t move my big toe!” and “I hate Michigan!”

I pulled in the driveway and immediately got Rebecca into the house, out of her snow stuff and in front of the fire. I ran back to the garage to check on Amy who was taking off all her snow stuff. She assured me she was fine.

So I ran back to check on Rebecca who was wrapped in a blanket roasting her toes in front of the fire. And then Amy came running in the house saying she couldn’t feel her fingers.

And then the crying started again in full force. “I hate snow!” “Cold is bad!” “When will it melt?!” “Why did we have to move?” “I hate Michigan!”

At this point the girls were so out of control that Sean and I burst into laughter. It was one of those times we absolutely could not hold it in. It was just too, too funny, in a sad sort of way.

We did manage to warm them up and watched America’s Funniest Videos to cheer everyone up. Then we put everyone in warm jammies, read stories under the electric blanket on our bed and somehow managed to salvage a fabulous family time out of the wreckage of a cold night at the barn.

By the way, it was 13 degrees at Pony Club. What the heck were we doing out there, anyway?!