Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Get me the Haagen Dasz, stat!

The next time I buy a house I’m going to check out the freezer section of the closest grocery store because when you need ice cream you need ice cream. And tonight I could have used some ice cream. Okay, a lot of ice cream.

Now I feel like a junkie…

Anyway, it has been a horrible day. Not because anyone in particular was driving me crazy but because everything was driving me crazy. The house was a wreck (some of the Christmas gifts we brought back from Georgia are still cluttering up the piano room), Amy did the wrong science assignment (she answered too many questions and was quite upset about it), Rebecca wanted to do her school papers (but she had absolutely no interest in following the instructions – she wanted to color the pictures instead of circling them) and Michael was working on a major essay (he picked a horrible topic – that is, one I didn’t like: cars, of course). And I didn’t even touch on the laundry that was overflowing in the baskets or the ring in the toilet or the major dust bunnies under the hall table.

And then Sean called and said he’d forgotten his work boots and needed them at 3 to go to the construction site; I offered to take them to him because at that point I knew I’d be glad to get out of the house by then. So 3 rolled around, I head out to meet Sean, got half-way there and realized I’d forgotten the boots. I was whipping the car around to get them when the blasted “Low Fuel” light blinked on and the buzzer buzzed at me.

I forgot I had little ears in the car and quite forcefully let a curse word fly. Amy thought that was hysterical. I saw her in the rear-view mirror trying not to laugh at me.

All that to say I could have really used a bowl of good ice cream tonight. But the local grocery store only carries a really gross generic brand and its store brand. We’ve tried them both and they truly are horrid. Even the kids wouldn’t eat them. And the nearest Kroger is 20 minutes away.

Oh well. I’ll just drown my sorrows in my can of diet Coke, ask forgiveness for my transgressions (especially the one in the car) and pray for a better attitude tomorrow. After all, as Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another day!”