Monday, January 09, 2006

Made in the USA

The Detroit Auto Show started today for the press – it opens to the public this coming weekend and let me tell you, I have two very excited boys in my house. Sean and Michael can hardly wait to get there. I’ve talked them in to waiting until next week so we can try to avoid the opening day crowd. No easy feat let me tell you.

One fun fact that came out of the press preview this morning is a picture of the car Sean’s plant is going to build. I guess I should say the CUV (crossover utility vehicle) they’re going to build. It’s called the Buick Enclave and I must say I’m rather impressed. And I I know what I’d like to drive as soon as they come out next year.

Here’s a quote from the Lansing State Journal:

Though still a concept vehicle, the Enclave on display at the auto show will be very similar
to the one that eventually goes into production, Burton said.

The Enclave is a full-size crossover, a vehicle that looks much like a standard SUV
but is built on a car chassis. The design gives the vehicle a smoother ride and improves fuel economy.

I’m just excited to see something cool coming from GM and I’m really excited Sean’s going to help build it. Now if the press can just find something good to say about it…