Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Wedding to You

Well, this was a first. I bought an axe as a wedding present.

Rebecca's Sunday school teachers are getting married. They are absolutely adorable and have made Rebecca’s transition to church up here much easier. So when I heard about their engagement I asked for their registries and was excited to give them a lovely gift.

Autumn told me, “We’ve registered for a lot of camping stuff.” She wasn’t kidding. Nearly three pages of their Target registry was in Aisle F6: Camping. There were stoves and lighters and camping picnic supplies, and the axe. I just couldn’t resist.

So Michael and I picked out the axe and picnic table supplies, headed to the check-out lane and made sure they took the axe off the gift registry. I definitely want to be the only one giving them an axe.

I can just hear it now: “Honey, I need to chop some firewood. Can you please toss me the axe that cute kid from Sunday school gave us?”