Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Look, Ma, No Hands!

I am so glad my kids still enjoy a swing set. Of course, I wish they would just swing on the swing set…

Michael and Amy have developed a new swing. They call it the “Watch Mom Wet Her Pants” swing. They stand on the platform of our neighbor’s slide, hang on to the swing, then jump off.

I saw it by accident. I was uploading pictures of Amy’s school report from my digital camera to my laptop and came across pictures I hadn’t taken. They were pictures of The Swing.

When I brought it to their attention they were very proud of it! They decided I should see it in person! Oh, boy! (I was so intrigued by their enthusiasm I forgot to tell them to never, ever, ever take my camera without asking.)

Amy and Michael both jumped off and laughed hysterically. This, from the children who have each broken both of their arms. If they keep this up they’ll break both legs, too.

But what mom can argue with their kids playing together outside? More than that, what mom can argue with their kids playing together so nicely outside?