Saturday, April 22, 2006

Duffy B & B

Holy cow, where have the last three weeks gone? The Duffys have been a very busy family!

We were so excited to have several visitors over several different spring breaks. Sean’s mom, sister and three children were here, followed by Linda and her three children, Randy and Jill and their two girls and finally my sister and her two little ones, all within three weeks of each other. Whew. I don’t think my washing machine or grocery budget will recover any time soon.

But it was well worth it! How fabulous to have family and friends travel an unbelievable number of miles to spend a few days with us?!

We started to finish the basement in January, knowing we had all this company coming. It was finished the day after my sister left. So much for planning and timing…

This past week was the first full week we haven’t had visitors. It was definitely nice to be able to walk downstairs in my jammies but I did miss having such special people in my house.

But it won’t be quiet here much longer. My parents are flying in tomorrow, and Sean’s folks will be here in mid-May. It is nice to know 800 miles aren’t keeping us from the people we love.