Monday, June 19, 2006

Do You Hear That?

Shhhh ... do you hear anything? ME NEITHER! That's because my week of vacation officially began this morning!

We took Rebecca to Atlanta last week where we left her with Sean's parents. She had a fabulous weekend with them, and this morning my mom took her to her first day of a week-long day camp.

We dropped Michael and Amy off at their camp yesterday afternoon. We were very impressed with how organized it was and the amazing attitude of all the counselors. It was pouring rain but everything was going as planned. We got to see people on horses and on the blob and the zip line, the ropes course -- everything they'll be doing we got to see camp staff doing.

Amy's group was scheduled to meet first. The campers all went ahead of the parents to the see their sleeping quarters. (Tree houses: very cool.) By the time we met up with Amy she had introduced herself to everyone as "Liz." Oh, my.

So we got her all settled, gave a hug and waved good-bye. Two down, one to go.

Michael's group was handled the same as Amy's. We met him at the wigwams with his counselor and seven other boys with scraggly hair. Michael will fit right in. A hug was quickly received and we were out the door.

So here I sit, typing away, drinking my diet Coke and no one is asking me do anything! Woo hoo! I'm off to have lunch with a friend, then clean the house top to bottom with no interruptions! I cannot believe that sounds good to me, but it does. I'm looking forward to actually finishing things this week.

I hope you are looking forward to your week as much as I am mine!