Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I *LOVE* This Song!

I absolutely adore this song. If I had to pick my favorite Amy Grant song this one would definitely be in the top three. Just hearing the beginning guitar riffs gives me goose bumps.

And how great that Michael W. Smith is the one introducing it? Man, I loved the concerts where he would open for Amy Grant, then play keyboards for her set. I think I saw 10 or 12 of them. And I've seen him on his own lots; he always puts on a great show.

As I grow older I keep thinking I'll get over my infatuation with Amy Grant but that hasn't happened yet. I suppose the true sign of my maturity would be meeting Amy Grant and not crying. I've meet her five times and each time I end up a blubbering fool. The last time I prepped Sean ahead of time so he could tell her what I wanted to say. And the worst part of that one was I had a friend with me. And I was 34.

Oh my word, I just typed "34" and thought, "Man, that's young."

Anyway, enjoy the clip.