Friday, August 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Amy!

Amy turned 10 this week. How is it possible that I have two kids in double-digits? I guess because I’ve been in double-digits for a while, myself…

Her actual birthday was on Tuesday, which, in our family, is THE day to have a birthday because TTTFFN becomes all about the birthday person. (TTTFFN is Totally Terrific Tuesday Family Fun Nights. We do something with just our fam each Tuesday evening. It’s been a fun tradition that Sean and I started a few years ago.)

Amy got to choose what was for dinner; she picked Chili’s. We always think of Pops when we go there because that’s been a favorite of his for years. So we took our presents and met Sean there after work. It was a great time – the kids seemed to enjoy each other and Sean and I certainly enjoyed watching them.

We came home and Amy opened more presents. We have a very generous extended family.

As we kissed her good-night, I could hardly believe the little baby girl I held in my arms what felt like a nanosecond ago was this amazing young lady who was propped up in her bed, reading herself to sleep.

I am a very blessed Momma.