Friday, September 08, 2006

I need a nap

Summer is over. School has started. I am tired.

Rebecca loves her new desk and math book. (Good news! I can do first grade math!) She’s precious walking around the house looking for pencils, “Because I have work to do!”

Michael has gotten back into the swing of things quite easily. I think he realizes school isn’t an option; he just has to get it done. And he seems to be interested in what he's learning.

Amy is another story. I honestly think she thinks if she protests enough I’ll give in and say, “Okay, no school for you.” That, of course, isn’t going to happen. But the way she’s fighting to not do her work makes me think she doesn’t think I have the resolve to see this through. I have to give her credit for perseverance. That attitude will serve her well in other endeavors, but not with school. I do hope I can figure out a way to channel that energy into good things … I just hope she quits channeling it in my direction.

Michael and Amy went to school for the first day this week. They met their teachers (they go one day a week and have classes with other homeschool kids taught by real teachers) and seemed to enjoy their classes. It’s nice they have other teachers to be accountable to because there are definitely days I have to dust off the, “I’m not the only teacher you have to answer to” routine. (The school’s website is in case you’re interested.)

Rebecca and I started her reading and math this week, but her first day in class is this coming Monday. Mrs. Delany will be her teacher and Rebecca already loves her. They’ll cover art, music, science, history, Spanish and P.E. She’s very excited for science to start and also for Spanish. We got a CD with all kinds of Spanish phrases on it but we’re both having a bit of a tough time repeating the songs.

All in all the school year is off to a pretty good start. But I must admit I’m already looking forward to Christmas break.