Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's warm here!

The kids and I made it to Atlanta today. I’ve been planning this weekend trip since July when Kim told me Steven Curtis Chapman would be in concert at our church. That’s not a ticket you pass up!

I’d been planning to fly down by myself, see some friends, go to the show. But I got to thinking that the kids haven’t been to Atlanta in almost five months and we could certainly use a pace of change (as Sean likes to say) from homeschooling in Michigan. So last week I decided we’d all come and I’d drive.

The drive went incredibly well. Actually, it’s the best it’s ever been, and I was very thankful for that since I was the only driver. We went a few hours last night but by noon today we were eating Chick-fil-A on the Chattanooga side of Nashville. I actually shaved about 45 minutes off our best time! It’s almost a day trip. Almost.

The biggest bummer of the trip is that my parents are out of town. We knew they had plans for this weekend but I didn't realize how weird it would be to stay here without them. Each of the kids has said multiple times, “It’s not as fun without Nanny and Pops.” The house is strangely quiet. I don’t like it either.

I’m realizing there won’t be much homeschooling going on since our social calendar is booked solid. Tonight I took the kids over to see Julie and her kids; man, do we miss that family. Michael and Brenden got along like they’d never been apart. Amy was so excited to be with Bekah again that she hardly complained that she had to let Rebecca play with them, too. And Julie and I just talked and talked. It is so good to be in the presence of someone who knows you. No explaining, no giving background. She just knows me. I could have stayed there all night catching up.

So the kids are tucked in now; they better sleep fast because we have a busy day tomorrow. We’ll see Sean’s sister Jill and her three children in the morning, then I’ll take the kids to the Asilos’ for the evening. The kids are spending the night there while I have dinner with my Bible study friends. I haven’t seen Carolyn’s baby yet; she’s five weeks old already.

I’m tired and I’m only writing about the day, and only one day at that! I guess I better get tucked in, too.

It is so good to be home.