Monday, October 30, 2006

There's a real Kalamazoo?

Yep, there is. And we're on the way there this morning for a field trip for Rebecca's class. There's a nature center and quarry there and Rebecca couldn’t be more excited. They’re actually going to get to take home as many rocks as they can fit in a sock. She’s taking her knee-high soccer socks – both of them – because she’s sure they’ll hold the most. She put a lot of thought into the sock selection. And she’s asked for a rock polisher for Christmas. I couldn’t have designed a better field trip for my budding geologist.

Amy’s going as an official photographer. She’s taken an interest in writing for the school newspaper. She’s already done two interviews. This is her first time as the photographer – I’m sure she’ll take lots of good pictures.

Michael’s going because I’m making him. Rocks aren’t really his thing right now.

So in a few minutes we’ll hit the road, south on 69, and head towards Kalamazoo. I hope there’s a sign with the city’s name on it; I want proof we’re really been there.