Thursday, October 05, 2006

Two Hundred Thirtyeight Days

I'm pretty sure it's a sign your homeschool day isn't going well when the homeschool mom decides to count the number of days left until summer...

Rebecca's been working on writing her 6's. We've written them so many times that now they look totally wrong to me and I'm not even sure I'm making them correctly. We moved on to her phonics work where the first meltdown of the day occurred. She told me she wants to read without having to learn how the letters sound. "Magically Read by Osmosis." If anyone's found that curriculum I'd love to see it.

Amy missed a part of the instructions on her grammar test so I had to mark the section wrong. That went over well. She’s in her room now. Not sure how long I’m going to leave her there.

Michael is the only one doing well. I don't know if it's because he's not a girl or because he sees the type of day I'm having and has graciously decided to cut me some slack. I really don't care; I'm just grateful.

Sometimes the Delta pass card in my wallet looks really good to me. Today is definitely one of those days.