Monday, April 02, 2007

The Fish Survived the Weekend

We got the fish on Friday and as of this morning they were still getting along swimmingly. Amy's are yellow and she named them Gizmo, Bo and Mo. Michael named his the Kingston Trio. Where they got those names ...

Here are some pictures of our non-furry pets:

This is Michael's tank. The fish are still in the plastic bag because you have to get the temperature of the water in the bag to match the temperature of the water in the tank. Who knew there was so much to do before adding fish to a tank?!

This is Amy's very colorful tank. The orange plants match her bedspread.
Guess who picked this for his tank? He said he needed it to match the rest of his room.

Rebecca's having a bit of fish envy, but so far she's been very happy for big brother and sister.